Transform Your Superfans into Superstars

FanFest is the easiest way to empower your superfans to grow your community with interactive shows gated by digital memberships and tokens on your digital channels for the biggest names in entertainment

How FanFest Works

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    Integrate Your Digital Channels

    Transform your website and app into a platform for your biggest fans to host talk shows about your live events. All integrated with your CRM and single sign-on with 3 lines of code.
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    Transform Superfans Into Superstars

    Fans anywhere in the world can go from watching live shows to being part of the show in less than 60 seconds - from San Francisco to São Paulo to Singapore. Your most engaged fans can even host shows for other fans who speak the same language!
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    Invite Every Fan To Become A Superfan

    Live shows are streamed from your website and app to Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Twitch, TikTok, and 25+ other destinations to reach your millions of fans - plus, integration with TV, OTT, and in-stadium screens takes minutes.
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    Reward Your Community

    Monetize live shows with merchandise, NFTs, and members-only offers while generating branded content in dozens of languages
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Fans ❤️ FanFest

  • 20M
    Fans Engagements With FanFest Content
  • 90%
    Of Shows Hosted by Fans and Influencers
  • 15%
    Conversion To Offers During Shows

Everything You Need To Grow Your Global Fan Community

  • Membership Gated

    Host live entertainment experiences for your fans requiring a membership (subscription, NFT, fan token) to influence content

  • Unlimited Events

    Host weekly shows with fans before, during, and after games to complement the live broadcast with organic, engaging fan content

  • Unlimited Fans

    Tell fans to visit your FanFest profile and join shows in real-time as they happen with fellow fans around the world 

  • Engagement Analytics

    Understand who joined your FanFest, how long they engaged, and what they like most from you and your partners

  • Sponsor Integration

    Use FanFest as new sponsorship inventory with millions of impressions and hours of exposure for new and existing partners

  • Native Merchandising

    Generate revenue with FanFest with high conversion to digital subscriptions, online retail channels, and brand partner websites

  • Native Ticketing

    Generate revenue with FanFest from premium virtual live events monetized through microtransactions fans pay in seconds

  • VIP Access

    Fast-track premium fans into FanFest with velvet-rope access without complicated promotion codes 

  • No Install Required

    Launch a branded, multilingual FanFest in 24 hours that fans enter in 2 clicks thanks to responsive web design

  • GDPR Compliance

    Promote your FanFest globally with peace of mind thanks to GDPR compliance and extensive data protection measures

  • CRM Lead Generation

    Use FanFest to translate your TV & social audience into qualified leads for direct-to-fan merchandising and remarketing

  • Website Embed

    Embed FanFest to turn your website into the best channel for millions of fans to enjoy sports together safely

  • Broadcast Integration

    Showcase VIP FanFest fan groups during the live broadcast to millions of viewers watching on TV or streaming platforms

  • Cloud Recording

    Capture the joy of goal celebrations and live cheering after the match across all your digital channels with HD recordings

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